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This is a free introductory/discovery flight for boys, girls, men, and women ages 15 and up who are interested in flying or becoming a pilot! 

Steps to sign up as a Flyer:

1.  Download and sign liability waiver below and email to 



2. Register here. Spots are limited!

Recent FAA Safety Meeting

Darlene Woelfel and John Blum were in an accident causing them to emergency land in a field.. Skye Nowlin (CFII) and Jenna Gorup (Private Pilot)  were on a training flight next to their plane and were able to assist in the rescue of Darlene and John. 

This is all of them together for the first time.

From left to right: Skye Nowlin, Jenna Gorup, Darlene Woelfel, and John Blum 

Wings Over Houston

Houston 99s Picnic 

April 1st, 2023

We welcomed LuAnn Pfiefer as our new Chairmen!

 Congrats Edna Gardner Whyte! 

She has been added to the Texas Aviation Hall of Fame!

Let's Fly Now 2023