Air Marking

Chair:  Victoria Croston


 The chapter tries to do one to two air markings each year.  It is one activity where everone enjoys getting their hands in the paint.  If you see a compass rose on an airport from Lufkin to LaGrange it was probably done by the Houston chapter. 

 For the history of Airmarking go to:


Safety Meetings

Chair:  Carol Brackley

Carol has been organizing safety meetings for the past Thirty years.

The chapter sponsors a safety meeting every month except December.  Safety meetings are open to the general public

Aviation and Aerospace Education

Chair:  Dana Prato 

For more about the Ninety-Nines Aviation and Space Education go to:


Chair:  Sophie Thibodeaux 

To become a member or to learn more about the Ninety-Nines go to: 

News Letter

Chair:  Lu Hollander 

 Lu Hollander has faithfully produced and mailed out our news letter  "Ninety-Nine News Bits" for many years.  She came to our chapter from Oklahoma.  She is past director and president of the International organization. 


Chair:  Rose Lepore 

Rose Lepore  has many years of experience of helping women applying for scholarships. 

To get more information on scholarships go to the Ninety-Nines website : 

Social Media Team

Chair: Skye Nowlin (left) and Jenna Gorup (right)

Skye and Jenna are a CFII / Student Pilot power duo taking the world by storm with their passion of aviation and social media.